Reinvesting in the communities surrounding our farms and infrastructure allowing the industry to continue to grow while becoming more sustainable, reliable, and quality driven.


FVHF's goals are to exhaust our opportunities to use our resources more efficiently for an effort to save money, enhance plant health, and protect or restore the environment.


We strive to provide a gratifying work environment and compensate our employees fairly while creating value for customers and provide jobs which enable and enrich communities.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.
100% local hop supplier focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. Our team is driven by a profound appreciation for our natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers we serve. Together, this creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustain-ably produced, innovative hop products for beer.
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Fraser Valley Hop Farms - Is a dedicated farm of catering to the booming craft beer industry.
The farm produces a wide variety of hops, allowing options for our breweries to make virtually any kind of great tasting beer.

The talented team at FVHF has been providing premium quality hops to home brewers nationwide. We are proud to supply home brewers with our complete selection of hop pellets and whole leaf hops in custom-designed one ounce and one pound packaging.

In order to service breweries of all sizes, FVHF has established a strategic market segmentation partnership with some of the biggest brewing facilities within North America.

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